Project Phases

We are in Phase IV of our Community Center project. Highlights of work to this point include:

Phase 1

  • Maintenance of the site electrical service.
  • Professional construction inspection.
  • Conducted mail-in survey of community needs/desires for completed facility
  • Solicited alumni dedication, involvement, and ideas.
  • 501 (C) 3 - Not for Profit Financial status obtained and maintained.
  • James Earl Jones Gala and resulting funds.
  • Re-roofed entire building.
  • Received grant from Manistee County Community Foundation (MCCF) to remove dilapidated gym.
  • Community volunteer work team sessions to clear building and specific rooms.
  • Created an approved set of operating by-laws.
  • Guidebook of proposed functions of officers and committees prepared, acknowledged and edited.
  • Endowment created for operation, Funds to be raised from variety of sources.

Phase 2

  • Several meetings with architect over the proposed layout of both floors.
  • Added plastic protection for all windows.
  • Developed initial aspects of marketing plan.
  • Asbestos removal from the building and certification.
  • Regaining possession of the much revered school bell.
  • Conducted building abbreviated tours during 2009 Brethren Days.
  • Perform on-going valuable community service by being collection point for cardboard/paper recycling.

Phase 3

  • MCCF/Tim Ervin and AES (Alliance for Economic Success) director building inspection.
  • Reviewed proposed financial documents for renovation and operation.
  • Subsequent planning of current work review with Manistee County Community Foundation president.
  • Pay off mortgage from Somsel loan.
  • Clean up of shrubs, window wells, foundation and area around building.
  • Creation and distribution of a tri-fold description of our project.

Phase 4

  • Revision of DSCC Website
  • Initiated Brownfield Development inspection and request.
  • Making determination of how to deal with removal of lead-based paint plaster.
  • Set building restoration completion date for 2015.